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Macarons, it's time to get a little more...intimate.

Time to have an experience of luxury, beauty, and of course...togetherness.

Club Macaron Community. In. The. Flesh.

Get ready to have those silk stockings knocked right off.



Confidence and Courage.  Two hallmarks of every Femme Vitale.

How do we cultivate them in a way that is not only through, but fun??

In Club Macaron we have a credo, fun or bust.

When you look at iconic women - Eleanor Roosevelt, Coco Chanel,

you are tired of feelign ALONE. 



Friday night, November 8th - Club Macaron Cocktail Party :: 7pm-9pm

  • An in-person gathering at a lavish New York City lounge.  Meet your fellow Macarons, engage in tittilating conversation, cuddle up with Kitty while sipping a French 75. This event is free   for all current member of Club Macaron. (cocktails available are for purchase)

Saturday, November 9th - Confidence, Courage, and Lingerie :: 10am-5pm

  • A full-day intensive with Kitty.   Confidence is a combination of two things: who you are, and who you think you are.  and live life with courage, sass


Kitty Cavalier

Your headmistress deluxe, in the flesh!

Perle Noire

Tziporah Salamon


Where should I stay?

How many people will be there?

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